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"The 5-steps-millions
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The only one who can change it is you.
You can be like most people and settle for a predictable, mediocre life. Or you can play big and begin writing a new, exciting chapter for your family’s future legacy... because your dream life and EVERYTHING you desire is much closer than you think.

The truth is... you were born rich.

And there is a millionaire within you. Let’s take a closer look together.


Master Your Mindset

Understanding Your Money Mindset

Money is a story we tell ourselves. Face your money identity. Understand your current values and beliefs.

Identifying Limiting Money Beliefs

Common money programs that hold us back and how to overcome them. Effective money mindsets to model, plus how to think like a Millionaire!

Rewiring Your Mindset

Casting your new vision. Changing your environment. Profitable language patterns. Affirm new wealth beliefs. Finding money gratitude. Creating a new money identity and setting wealth goals (the 5 F’s). The 5/25 rule. 


Model A Mentor

Choosing A Mentor

Learn the timeless principles of modelling success. Finding a new perspective, uncovering your blind spots and reframing your thinking. Accountability. Standing on shoulders of giants (I share my greatest mentor lessons with you). 

Paying For Proximity 

Learn how to profit from proximity. Paying to pay attention. Showing up. How to create leverage to enhance action. How to secure access to Millionaires and accelerate your results. 

Being Coachable 

Taking extreme ownership. How to flip your mindset to go at the world. Letting go of victimhood. Managing your pride. Finding your voice. Great questions lead to great answers.


Manage Your Money

Getting Your Money in Order

The Millionaire Paradox. The Finger Rule of Finance. Money follows order (how to create clarity). The 3 phases of money. Learn how to “reverse save.” Learn how to manage your ego, cut costs and automate your savings. Understanding tax. Doing your monthly audit. 

The Millionaire Math

Calculating your Net Worth. Understanding assets and liabilities. Understanding the compound effect. Time-lining your first million. Managing your debt.

Your Magic Number

The Wealth Formula. The Passive Income Myth. Finding your Magic Number. The intrinsic value of money. The Rule of 72.


Multiplying Your Money

Choosing A Strategy 

Cutting through the noise. Asking the ‘Eight Questions’ to planning your investments. Learning where cashflow and growth come from. What to completely avoid (and why).

Executing Your Plan

Putting your plan into action. Letting go of fear. The 15-Minute Millionaire. Experiencing passive income. Turbo-charging your results. Creating a Wealth Loop.

Being Patient 

Learning Pascal’s Principle. Avoiding the activity trap. Letting go of FOMO. Avoiding the comparison game. Staying on the tracks. Creating a legacy.


Make More Money

Choosing A Vehicle

The Success Triangle. 8 ways to make money online, without leaving your job. The best vehicle for you. Understanding residual income and the true power of leverage. Digging one well. Money making systems. The opportunity junky.

Picking The Right Time

The Ark Principle. Planning for the unknown (the truth of future work). Learning to dance in the rain. Perfectionism. The E myth.

Becoming The Right You

Profitable money skills they didn’t teach you at school. How to develop profit skills. The obstacle is the way (how to create a resilient mind). “In Sterquillinis Invenitur.” The focus funnel (how to create more time). Untapped resources. The who, not the how. 


Interactive coaching designed to help you understand and apply timeless money principles and develop the mindset necessary to create a thriving life and an endless supply of money. 

You can look forward to understanding the universal laws of wealth (and how they apply to you), understanding your mind and how to create the life you want, the tools to get you there and the accountability to turn your goals into a reality. 

This program is strategically designed to be a mix of education, accountability and action to achieve the progressive realization of your dreams. 

Are You Tired of...

  • Living pay check to pay check
  • Having finances strain all areas of your life
  • Limiting your life's experiences to your current financial situation
  • Spending more than you earn
  • Drowning in unnecessary debt

The Mechanism to Achieve this Transformation is HERE

The 5 Steps to Millions Mentorship

Your clearest path to fixing your relationship with money & building your financial legacy.

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